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Friday, May 28, 2010


Mr. chairman, SRC, executives, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. I am highly honored and pleased to stand in front of you here seeking your mandate to become the next AUCC SRC financial secretary. First of all I would like to congratulate miss yvone Appiah Kubby for her hard work but I am more than ready to take the SRC and the entire student to the river side so that we can all drink the water of life in AUCC.

Mr Chairman as I stand here I am saddened because our SRC do not have it own bank account. Just recently our current SRC lost 3.something million just because they were no bank account for them to keep the money in. ladies and gentlemen if I become the financial secretary I will open bank account for the SRC, not any bank account but an account that can yield interest for the SRC and that account will be the savings account.

Mr. chairman kindly permit me to do a little bit of calculations here. Mr. chairman if the entire student population in aucc is about 300 and a student pays 5 cedies as his or her dues per semester then (if we multiply 300x5 cedies) it means management will give us 15million per semester and in a year it will be 30million.Mr. chairman, ladies and gentlemen we all know that within a year SRC has so many activities to organized example is the SRC week, women’s week, sports and so on. it means our 30million dues will not even cover most of our programmes. ladies and gentlemen if I become the financial secretary I will continue to push for the increase of the SRC dues from management an agenda which the current SRC administration has started already.

Mr. chairman as a financial secretary one of my responsibilities is to take care of the SRC finances but if I become the next SRC finanacial secretary I will bring bussines into the SRC. business like selling of AUCC and SRC panaferellia, in every university they all have their books, files, pens,T’shirt and so on which they sell to their student and to anybody who want to buy. The proceeds from this and other business will help subsidize SRC activities and this will enable every student to take part in SRC programmes.

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