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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The role of a journalist

Journalist often play a specific role in giving or informing the public either through announcement or through their news bulletin. This is the major work of a journalist since they hunt for news and later on the package it well and inform the general public through a wider medium either newspaper or the radio station. For an example if an epidemic breaks into the country, journalist use the media to inform the public about it and the way they should handle the pandemic.

Another major role a journalist is playing the watch dog role in our country. They do this by monitoring the government and the politicians so that they do not go against our country’s constitution and also to keep them on their toes. A journalist does this to bring development in our county and democracy. For example if a politician or the government goes behind the scene to do something bad like bribery and corruption journalist investigate it and bring them out for public consumption, by doing this the politician or the government also try not to do anything bad things to avoid being disgrace by a journalist in the public. Another example is the journalistic who investigated the bad things being done in Ghana’s asylum hospital or mental hospital which the government immediately step in to solve the problem.

To further more a journalist also plays the agenda setting role in our country. This is done by the journalist taking a topic that has affected the country either in the past or in future, he does this either by commenting on it or doing a detail analytical documentary on it which then becomes the public discussion. For example joy Fm’s programmed a story on newly recruited government workers like nurses and teachers who have been paid for long time how they were made to give themselves to men and to do other things just because they want to make ends meet. At the end of this debate in town it became public discussion and some even took it to the higher authority something was done about this very particular issue by the government.

A journalist also serves as an opinion leader in our country. They do this by putting their views and comment as in what they think is affecting the public and what they should be done to it in the form of editorials or as in the form of feature stories. For example the daily graphic gives it editorially in their daily publication and this is normally done by the editorial bored or the editor of the news paper.

Another major role that journalist play in our country is education. The most important thing that a journalist do is to educate the public about about an issue, he does this by contacting the expect on that issue and he the journalist broadcast it or publicized it. For example when bird flu was first diagnosed in the world it was the international media who publicized or broadcasted it and they also did some analytical report on by contacting health expect.

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