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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Most Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, Chairman of the Lepers’ Aid Committee, has appealed to the Government to increase the subsidy given cured lepers in the country from its current amount which is GH 0.24 to GH 10 for an inmate per day.
Addressing the 60 anniversary celebration of the Weija Leprosarium in Accra, Fr Campbell said the subsidy which was last increased in 2006 from GH¢ 0.12 to GH¢ 0.60 pesewas per head per day, was later changed to GH¢ 8.00 per month.
He also appealed to the public to come to the aid of the lepers by texting to MTN code- 1966. He explained that users of other networks could also text to the same code number to contribute.
Rev Fr Campbell used the money he won from the television programme “Who want to be rich,” to organise the anniversary for the inmates.
He recounted the establishment of the La Beach Leprosarium on August 14, 1950, with 85 patients, adding that the site was later moved to the current location at Weija.
Rev Fr Campbell said on August, 27 this year, the Lepers Aids Committee would honour 13 institutions and individuals for their support to the leprosarium over the years. This would be followed by a special carols night on December, 20, to raise funds to build an assembly hall for the cured lepers at the Ho Leprosarium.
Father Campbell later donated five television sets worth GH¢ 1400 to Madam Gladys Adobea, Amar Fiakar, Confort Abena Asiedu, Nancy Ayawo, and Atiwo Mansah, all cured lepers and pioneers of the Leprosarium. He also donated 28 radio sets worth GH¢ 2,500 to the inmates.
Madam Gladys Adobea, the leader of the inmates, thanked Father Campbell for his support, love and concern, adding that they were transferred from La because of public stigmatisation.
Some individuals and companies used the opportunity to donate to the leprosarium. For instance Barron Distilleries Limited donated food items, insecticides, home appliances and medicinal items, worth GH¢ 5,000. Allship Company also donated food items and toiletries worth GH ¢10,000. Getty and Friends donated designer bags and food items worth GH¢ 2,700. Saint Francis Youth Choir also donated some food items and used clothing worth GH¢ 625.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been following the long awaited allegation against the then president Kufour when he was alleged of indulging in an extra marital affairs. An American Iraqi Ms Gizele Yajzi appeared from nowhere onto the media if my memories are correct in 2005.
She categorically said the former president was the father of her twins that she is having and the then opposition party NDC used it as a propaganda tool.
The lady in question also said she negotiated the African Regent Hotel popular known as "hotel wawa" for the former president and his son. She also said the former president owned some properties outside the country.
But today am finding it difficult to believe who is actually telling we Ghanaian s the actual truth, this is because the two people involved in this issue are telling us different stories.
During the celebration of the nine years repeal of the criminal libel law, the ex-president took the time to deny all the allegations leveled against him in 2005 by Ms Gizele Yajzi. He emphatically denied all the allegation leveled against him, he then challenged anybody who has any prove to come forward.
But on August 11 2010 Ms Gizele Yajzi rebutted ex-president Kufour press conference through the Accra based radio station popularly known as radio Gold, saying she will one day bring the children to Ghana. She also said the former president is “being promiscuous, for example he had a relationship with some women who worked with him. He did it every day; I think the only woman who did not have a relationship with him was his wife, because she was too old for him," She said.

According to Ms. Yazji, Mr. Kufuor's promiscuous habit even forced his wife, Theresa to ask for divorce some time ago. the question that i would like to ask is who is actually telling us we Ghanaian the truth about the famous "hotel wawa" and the alleged twins that ex-president Kufour fathered.
Makafui Apeku ( AUCC).

Friday, August 6, 2010

“I have a crush on Reggie Rockstone” - Eazzy

he hottest female artiste in Ghana now, Eazzy, has admitted publicly, that she has a crush on Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone. Watch Wengeze by Eazzy

The “Wengeze” hit maker said this when spotted her during an interview on the maiden edition of the “Late Night Celebrity Show” on etv Ghana.

Eazzy was put on the spot by Dzifa Smith, host of the show, to mention the name of a male celebrity she has a crash on. She said, she had said it before, and the first time, it brought her a lot of problems, but insisted she will say it again. Listen to Wengeze by Eazzy

“Yes I think I will give it to Reggie Rockstone. He’s got swag, he is handsome and he knows what he is about. So I give him that”, Eazzy, said on TV.

Asked what her biggest problem in the music industry is, Eazzy said discrimination is the biggest challenge in the Ghanaian music industry for her as a female musician. “I wish that people would embrace music like every profession, like a doctor or a teacher.

You know being a musician is a profession, so I wish people would show a lot of respect to it and know that being a female musician does not really mean it is all about the hype and the fame, but it is something that we love to do”. She said.

Eazzy, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday August 1, was surprised with a customized post birthday cake, on the show. She was joined by rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame, and singer/dancer Sherifatu Gunu, who were also on the show, to cut the cake.

Okyeame Kwame did a free-style rap for Eazzy, whiles Sherifa sang her own version of the popular “Happy birthday” song, for her on the show. Eazzy’s new “Wengeze” music video was premiered on the show, to climax the evening.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dzorwulu is a suburb of accra which is developing at a faster rate due to it location at the middle part of accra.Dzorwulu holds porpulation of about 500 people.Dzorwulu is the second home for the vice president Jhon Dramani Mahamma and other public figures in Ghana. Eventhough Dzorwulu can boast of security officials who patrols the street and some corners of Dzorwulu at night, i can confidentially say they are finding it difficult in contolling the armed robbery sittuations which is on the increase in the community. Just recently the Vodafone landline cables in the area was disconected and was later stolen away without any trace. After exactly 4 days from that situation another cable was nalso stolen from the community but in a diffrent area. To furthermore about a month and a half earlier, some young men attacked a woman who was returning from her shop around 6 pm in the evening.They took all her money and valuable things but luckily for her she escaped unhurt.
Just after that incident another armed men went to the house of a business in the same area and looted most of his things, as if that was not enough they went to the next house and gunshot was the rhythem for the night.
This activities occcuring in the ommunity has put evevrybody into the state of fear and insecurity.
Most people are blaming the situation on a slum which is developing at north Dzorwulu on the VRA land . Reports indicate that an attempt to drive the scouters away from the land prove futile. The people of Dzorwulu are pleading to the city authourities and the Government to come to their aid befor the situation get out of hand or befor it turns into 'sodom and Gomora'.