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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been following the long awaited allegation against the then president Kufour when he was alleged of indulging in an extra marital affairs. An American Iraqi Ms Gizele Yajzi appeared from nowhere onto the media if my memories are correct in 2005.
She categorically said the former president was the father of her twins that she is having and the then opposition party NDC used it as a propaganda tool.
The lady in question also said she negotiated the African Regent Hotel popular known as "hotel wawa" for the former president and his son. She also said the former president owned some properties outside the country.
But today am finding it difficult to believe who is actually telling we Ghanaian s the actual truth, this is because the two people involved in this issue are telling us different stories.
During the celebration of the nine years repeal of the criminal libel law, the ex-president took the time to deny all the allegations leveled against him in 2005 by Ms Gizele Yajzi. He emphatically denied all the allegation leveled against him, he then challenged anybody who has any prove to come forward.
But on August 11 2010 Ms Gizele Yajzi rebutted ex-president Kufour press conference through the Accra based radio station popularly known as radio Gold, saying she will one day bring the children to Ghana. She also said the former president is “being promiscuous, for example he had a relationship with some women who worked with him. He did it every day; I think the only woman who did not have a relationship with him was his wife, because she was too old for him," She said.

According to Ms. Yazji, Mr. Kufuor's promiscuous habit even forced his wife, Theresa to ask for divorce some time ago. the question that i would like to ask is who is actually telling us we Ghanaian the truth about the famous "hotel wawa" and the alleged twins that ex-president Kufour fathered.
Makafui Apeku ( AUCC).

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Anonymous said...

Wat i don't seem to understand is why the ex-president had to wait for this long period before commenting on the issue publicly