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Friday, August 6, 2010

“I have a crush on Reggie Rockstone” - Eazzy

he hottest female artiste in Ghana now, Eazzy, has admitted publicly, that she has a crush on Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone. Watch Wengeze by Eazzy

The “Wengeze” hit maker said this when spotted her during an interview on the maiden edition of the “Late Night Celebrity Show” on etv Ghana.

Eazzy was put on the spot by Dzifa Smith, host of the show, to mention the name of a male celebrity she has a crash on. She said, she had said it before, and the first time, it brought her a lot of problems, but insisted she will say it again. Listen to Wengeze by Eazzy

“Yes I think I will give it to Reggie Rockstone. He’s got swag, he is handsome and he knows what he is about. So I give him that”, Eazzy, said on TV.

Asked what her biggest problem in the music industry is, Eazzy said discrimination is the biggest challenge in the Ghanaian music industry for her as a female musician. “I wish that people would embrace music like every profession, like a doctor or a teacher.

You know being a musician is a profession, so I wish people would show a lot of respect to it and know that being a female musician does not really mean it is all about the hype and the fame, but it is something that we love to do”. She said.

Eazzy, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday August 1, was surprised with a customized post birthday cake, on the show. She was joined by rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame, and singer/dancer Sherifatu Gunu, who were also on the show, to cut the cake.

Okyeame Kwame did a free-style rap for Eazzy, whiles Sherifa sang her own version of the popular “Happy birthday” song, for her on the show. Eazzy’s new “Wengeze” music video was premiered on the show, to climax the evening.

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