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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dzorwulu is a suburb of accra which is developing at a faster rate due to it location at the middle part of accra.Dzorwulu holds porpulation of about 500 people.Dzorwulu is the second home for the vice president Jhon Dramani Mahamma and other public figures in Ghana. Eventhough Dzorwulu can boast of security officials who patrols the street and some corners of Dzorwulu at night, i can confidentially say they are finding it difficult in contolling the armed robbery sittuations which is on the increase in the community. Just recently the Vodafone landline cables in the area was disconected and was later stolen away without any trace. After exactly 4 days from that situation another cable was nalso stolen from the community but in a diffrent area. To furthermore about a month and a half earlier, some young men attacked a woman who was returning from her shop around 6 pm in the evening.They took all her money and valuable things but luckily for her she escaped unhurt.
Just after that incident another armed men went to the house of a business in the same area and looted most of his things, as if that was not enough they went to the next house and gunshot was the rhythem for the night.
This activities occcuring in the ommunity has put evevrybody into the state of fear and insecurity.
Most people are blaming the situation on a slum which is developing at north Dzorwulu on the VRA land . Reports indicate that an attempt to drive the scouters away from the land prove futile. The people of Dzorwulu are pleading to the city authourities and the Government to come to their aid befor the situation get out of hand or befor it turns into 'sodom and Gomora'.

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