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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Most Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, Chairman of the Lepers’ Aid Committee, has appealed to the Government to increase the subsidy given cured lepers in the country from its current amount which is GH 0.24 to GH 10 for an inmate per day.
Addressing the 60 anniversary celebration of the Weija Leprosarium in Accra, Fr Campbell said the subsidy which was last increased in 2006 from GH¢ 0.12 to GH¢ 0.60 pesewas per head per day, was later changed to GH¢ 8.00 per month.
He also appealed to the public to come to the aid of the lepers by texting to MTN code- 1966. He explained that users of other networks could also text to the same code number to contribute.
Rev Fr Campbell used the money he won from the television programme “Who want to be rich,” to organise the anniversary for the inmates.
He recounted the establishment of the La Beach Leprosarium on August 14, 1950, with 85 patients, adding that the site was later moved to the current location at Weija.
Rev Fr Campbell said on August, 27 this year, the Lepers Aids Committee would honour 13 institutions and individuals for their support to the leprosarium over the years. This would be followed by a special carols night on December, 20, to raise funds to build an assembly hall for the cured lepers at the Ho Leprosarium.
Father Campbell later donated five television sets worth GH¢ 1400 to Madam Gladys Adobea, Amar Fiakar, Confort Abena Asiedu, Nancy Ayawo, and Atiwo Mansah, all cured lepers and pioneers of the Leprosarium. He also donated 28 radio sets worth GH¢ 2,500 to the inmates.
Madam Gladys Adobea, the leader of the inmates, thanked Father Campbell for his support, love and concern, adding that they were transferred from La because of public stigmatisation.
Some individuals and companies used the opportunity to donate to the leprosarium. For instance Barron Distilleries Limited donated food items, insecticides, home appliances and medicinal items, worth GH¢ 5,000. Allship Company also donated food items and toiletries worth GH ¢10,000. Getty and Friends donated designer bags and food items worth GH¢ 2,700. Saint Francis Youth Choir also donated some food items and used clothing worth GH¢ 625.

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