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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ho came alive last weekend as the business activities of the town came to its apex during the celebration of the Asogli yam festival.
The festival brought so many activities like street jams, football gala, health walk, beauty pageant, healing of yam and other activities into the town.
The telecommunication industries were also not left out of the celebration as they took part in the festival. Their flayers and panapherelias were seen at every corner of the town, some of them erected giant screens and billboards to display their product.
Drinking bars and restaurant had their share of the festival as they also have to attend to customers who came from far and near to take part in the festival. Almost every corner of the street was filled with various companies displaying their product with loud music to attract their customers.
Another sector that saw the business boom was the art and craft centers as local and foreign tourist patronized local arts and craft like beads, paintings and other artifact during the festival. The transport industry was not left out as they also have a busy weekend transporting passengers from one destination to another.
Madam Gertrude Gosu, a teaching assistant at mawuli primary school in Ho, said this year’s festival was the best in them of business and people taking active part in it, she also recounted the previous festivals and said they were not interesting as compared to this year’s festival. She however said there are lot of expectation for next year’s festival because of the business boom they have witness in the town over last weekend festivities. She also expressed her surprised at the turn out of number of people who came from far and near to take part in the festival and said it is the best turn out so far.
Asogli yam festival is a festival celebrated by the people of Ho every year to outdoor the new yam and also to thank the gods for the New Year. The celebration normally takes three weeks and this year, it started from Saturday 11th September with sporting activities and came to its climax with the durbar of chiefs and people of Ho and it surroundings last weekend
Present at this year’s grand durbar of the three weeklong festival was the vice president John Dramani Mahama who was the guest of honor, grace the occasion and encourage the people of Ho to take part in the ongoing national census.

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