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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Patrick Aforleho – Driver
It is ridiculous paying a coach of that amount because we pay him and his translator with tax payers money which is too huge. None of our local coaches has ever received that kind of money but we continue to say we are looking for a class one coach. Every day we complain about economic hardships in the country but yet we pay huge amount to a coach who cannot communicate directly to his players.
I believe we should go in for a local coach because most of our players can speak the local languages and the coach can do his job easily with them. And if there is a foreign coach here in Ghana he should be paid in cedis not in dollars. Look at the amount that is being paid to our assistant coach who is a local coach, his salary is far less than what his translator even earns. We are discriminating against our own coaches.
The local coaches have all the materials that they can use to train the players. let’s not talk about respect here if anybody want to talk about respect, then let’s take a critical look at Sellas Tetteh who has set a world record. Has he ever complained about respect about the players before? The answer is a big no so base on this lets go for a local coach.
Kofi Adu Danso-Head of sports, Hot FM
In my view a coach is somebody who is able to communicate, train and select players for their right position so that they can deliver. I believe and support our local coaches can equally handles Ghanaian players. But at the senior level which is the Black Stars I don’t know why we always dump local coaches.
Football goes beyond playing on the field because you have to factor in psychological mentality of the players, our cultural sentiment and I believe the local coaches know the players very well with all these qualities and can equally mode our players into their formation in the national team.
I think the time has come for a local coach to handle the Black Stars, I also agree to the fact that our local coaches are not respected because of their own behavior towards the foreign based players. This is because they normally round to receive money and other incentives from the foreign players who play for the national team and I think that is what is causing their woes now.
To further more our local coaches do not go for refresher courses but they rather choose to remain stuck to where they are, these are the main reason why they are always overlooked. How many of the foreign coaches have ever won a cup for Ghana? None of them has ever help us in winning a cup, apart from 1991 and that one we all knew what went into it.
The four times that the Black Stars won the African cup of nations, they were all done by the success of the local coaches. So the case about people saying our local coaches cannot deliver is a blatant lair. We have coaches like Otia Kente, Jones Atikiofo and Nana Atena can also do more than what the current coach is doing. Even though Sellas Tetteh has been tried with the black stars, he suffered a little bit but I believe if we should give him more time he will improve.

Benedict Owusu – Sports Analyst, Asempa FM
a foreign coach like coach Milovan will be my favorite over the local coaches has done a lot for Ghana and if you talk about respect I think the national team will continue to give respect to the foreign coaches because will not look upon the players for any material gains. The foreign coaches have most of the material things like the players who are wealthy and they cannot be influence by any player.
The money that is being paid to the foreign coach is quiet ok because after he has taken us to the second world cup, rumors indicated that South Africa and some other countries made an offer of about $150000 which is on the higher side than what GFA is paying him now. And for me he has performed more than expected. None of the local coaches can match him up for that matter lets maintain the foreign coach for the Black Stars.

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