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Saturday, January 22, 2011


“Mafiabite” will continue to glue in the memory of student of Africa university college of communication as they came face to face with strange stealing at “kokrobite” . There is a saying that “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”,
It all started when one of our colleagues complained about her missing phone at the beach but we did not take her seriously but rather we continue to have our fun. To my uttermost surprise when we were about to depart to our various destinations close to 6 student complained about their missing items and money including the SRC money all amounting to about 7 million.
Immediately, JERRY our own driver, I mean AUCC’s TEMPORARY bus driver approached a group of students assuring them that he knows the person who stole the money, these are his exact words” massa me I see the person who wey take the things, he dey among you guys ebi student norr but a nogo fit mention or point at him cause ma life is at risk” what do you think about his words? is he a brother man or a mafia or he just want to get attention from student.
We wanted him to mention the name or point the person out or else the bus will not move, we spent close to one hour at the beach that was 6:30 to 7:23 by then the SRC president was on his way to get the police and he called that we should meet him at a filling station. When we got to the filling station some students were thirsty, so they entered the shop to get some water the driver drove and left us stranded but he stopped at the next junction, the same students protested after he nearly he nearly run into another car it was then that the students demanded that he should stop the bus.
This same driver made so many comments and one of the funny comments I would have expected an employee of his structure never to make was about a student using sakawa money to buy a car. Funny enough this comment shows that he the driver and his friends have been gossiping about students who are progressing in the school. His comment aggravated this particular student and it resulted in so many hitches and struggle.
At the end majority of the students decided to get out from the bus because
• we believe he was drunk and was driving carelessly
• we suspected him of being part of the people who stole our missing items because of his canny ways
I strongly recommend that we should not allow him to drive us to any trip again since “Burger” is our official driver. I also want management to take critical look at this particular driver because he boasted that “Kojo Yankah came to beg him to drive and that he has got good grades that he can take to any school”. such a driver is very dangerous and disastrous to the school as a whole.

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