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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


memory lane, some interviews I have done for the GFA news during the statelite game last. they actually made us proud.
The black satellite have the chance to win if only they will play as a team.They won their two matches because of their team work even though some of them were trying to be selfish. and so far as am a Ghanaian the satellite will definitely win the match which will be played on Friday.Ayew Dede has every quality to lead the team to win the cup, on Friday the black satellite will win the match by ¬¬3-0 against Uruguay

The black satellite has done well, they have taken their chances and they played as a team. The coach is getting his formation right but he gets too emotional sometimes which shouldn’t be so. They played well during their last two matches and they prove to the world that they are the continental champions in Africa. the black satellite chances of winning of the cup is feasible, it can happen if they concentrate and play as a team just as they did in the continental competition.

The satellite has done very well, their performance keeps improving after every match they played.Though they have proven to be up to the task. Ayew Dede is a budding inspirational captain who motivates his team, especially with his experience with the senior team and his foreign team. I believe the black satellite will match boot to boot with any team that will come on their way and they will bring the cup to Ghana.

The satellite started their first match in a poor manner but in the second half they played well. during England match too they started poorly and the second half of the match they improve upon it, based on that they can win the cup. I am saying this because during their first match they were down by a goal but they came out strongly in the second half and they. They also thrash down the England team by 4-0. I believe the satellite will bring the cup home. The GFA and the government should pay the players so that they can play and win the cup. Ayew is a good player but sometimes he is selfish but all the same he can lead the satellite to win the cup.

The black satellite are on track of winning the cup for Ghana because their style of play improves after every match they play. even though they still have some few potholes in their formation of play, we have nothing to worry about because I know definitely we will win the cup. Their last group match which they played with Uruguay was the game I was expecting to be tough but the satellite has proven to the world that they are the best in Africa, although officiating was very poor.

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