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Sunday, February 13, 2011


He is well known as the emperor of Egypt and many fear him as a result of what brought him into power. He has been on the highest seat for close to 30 years without any major problem.
But recently he was swept by the wave of strong Egypt revolution which was motivated by Tunisia. At first he resisted it by warning the innocent youth who were resisting his tyrannical rule that they will face the full rigors of the law.
The fact of the case is that when his own people were resisting him, he was threatening them. it has been believed that he is a descendant of the Pharaoh generation, so I believe that the blood of the four fathers were transferred to him either spiritually , emotionally or socially.
His removal from the highest office of the ancient land by the Egyptians must be a lesson to all of us, both politicians and other leaders must know that one cannot choose a comfortable bed for himself all the time or in other words everyday cannot be a market day.
We were all part of the revolution that took place in Egypt even though we were not there physically but rather we were there in spirit and in technology. The Egyptians made their woes known and the world responded through the use of facebook and twitter. This two social network have become so powerful in thems of technology advancement and I really want to congratulate the Egyptians for using it even though the tyrannical leader tried to block internet access during the revolution, it is always true that the world is a global village.
Leadership is not a race that one have to allow people to die before they know what is what is right or wrong to their followers. People or civilians are like Chameleons they van change at any time so my fellow leaders don’t be swollen headed and become autocratic when a group of people run after you to cheer you just because you are in control and famous.
Just let the God that you worship be your Guidance and direct you in your leadership, and try to listen to the people who brought you into power. Indeed Abraham Lincoln define democracy as «Government of the people, by the people, for the people»
Feb 11 - exact same day as Nelson Mandela was released, 21 years and history has been made again in egypt. Extraordinary - Feb 11 is also day royal regime officially collapsed in Iran in 1979 and still known as 'Islamic Revolution's Victory Day
The question that remains on the Lips of everybody is WHO IS NEXT TO FOLLOW MUBARAK???

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