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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Students of Ketasco Basic in the keta MUnicipality is at the mercy of the weather due to the lack of classroom structures .
In a letter to Ketasco Basic Old Students Association (KEBOSA) , the headmaster Lewiss Amedome pleaded to the association to come to the aide of their alma matter. He said the school lacks so many structures like classroom blocks for the junior high students, computer lab, library, electrification and painting of the class rooms.
Mr. Amedorme said, currently the three junior high students have their classes under a dilapidated palm leave structure and sometimes they don’t have classes at all if the weather frowns on them. “ this is affecting both the students and the teachers academically” he said. He then call on , philanthropist, cooperates bodies, NGOs and the government to come to their aide.
The school which bears the name of “ketasco” from its high school which is Keta senior High School was the best basic school in the keta Municipality. Records from the BECE performance from 1991 shows that the school is on track in attaining the right aggregates, till date their performance is one of the best in the region and in Ghana.
the school has won so many excellence awards in so many categories like sports, quizzes, debates , music and cultural festivals.

this is what is used as a classroom

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