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Friday, June 10, 2011


Mr. Chairman, Speaker of Congress (Honorable William Bossman), the SRC president ( Tamimu Issah, the outgoing SRC executives, fellow aspirants, colleague students, ladies and gentlemen. It has always be my passion to serve student and work hard in a team which the AUCC SRC is no exceptional. With this accord, I am highly honored and pleased to have you all here to witness and question my decision for becoming the next General Secretary for 2011/2012 academic year. And as well seek your mandate to be able to work to that effect.
First of all I cannot proceed without applauding and congratulating Miss Christine Ampadu the outgoing General Secretary for her hard work and effort she put up as a General Secretary but I must say that I am ever ready to take over from her and take the entire student to the next level in order to experience a sound secretarial management.
Mr. Chairman, I stand here very much impressed by the current administration for their laudable efforts. But there is a proverb in akan that says that “etire nte y3 aa , yengyae 3ky3 soa” literally means that as far as the head remains, it will forever carry loads on it. It is to this however that I think there is much to be done in order to fix and maintain the secretarial status of the SRC office. At the moment, the SRC cupboard which is used for safe keeping of our documents is in a bad shape and so, cannot serve its rightful purpose.
ladies and gentlemen if I am given the mandate as your General secretary, I will make sure that I furnish the cupboard and give it a proper identity whereby each individual executive would have a subsection in the cupboard to keep documents and other materials such as files and things belonging to his or her office. Mr. Chairman, this is what I want the cupboard to be used for when I become the G.S.

Ladies and Gentlemen, You all will bear with me that the General Secretary is responsible for the keeping of accurate records of all proceedings of congress and executive meetings in which writing of minutes of all meetings are no exceptional. I must again congratulate the General Secretary for maintaining a strong notebook which is used for the taken of the minute. That is good though but each one of us gathered here today would attest to the fact that we are in an improved technological era where technology has made everything possible and easy. Thus new ways should be employed to keep things up to standard. It is for this reason that when I become the General Secretary of the AUCC SRC I would introduce what I call an E-MINITE (electronic minute). Whereby minutes of all meetings as well as every other records and proceedings of the SRC would be done and kept on a computer which could as well serve as a backup in case of any mishap.
Mr. Chairman I have titled my manifesto as THE STUDENT FIRST AGENDA. I am saying this because students need more attention more than any other person in this great institution. And as such, students should be placed first in terms of information, communication, welfare, and other things of importance. It is for this reason that if I become the General Secretary I would team up with the public relations officer to ensure the proper dissemination of information. Making sure the information on the notice board is clearly figured out. This would be done by making sure that outdated notices are cleared making way for current information. Then again in this technological era where the internet have made all things possible, it would be appropriate to open a page on facebook which is AUCC SRC FORUM where people would come on board to discuss issues bothering them and as well using that medium for disseminating information to individuals who join that page. So I would entreat each and every student here to join that page and take it serious when it is established.
Mr. chairman, to make a follow up to the point I just made, the suggestion box which was the initiative of the outgoing General Secretary would be taken over and would be made effective when I become the General Secretary of the AUCC SRC so that student can channel their grievances, concerns and issues to the SRC.
Mr. Chairman since the duties of the General Secretary is solely an office duty, I would establish a venture where we would be selling AUCC SRC Branded stationeries such as books, files and pens, and other things that would enhance student activities as seen in other universities when I become the General Secretary.
To conclude Mr. Chairman, I would like to end my speech by leaving you with this proverb that “a car can never and would never move unless you drive and move it”. Drive me towards becoming the next General Secretary and your administrative luggage would be secured.

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