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Friday, August 12, 2011


The Ghana Union of professional students is in leadership crises. Currently the union has two president and the executives are divided.
Mr. Tafim Gbonka was elected as GUPS president in 2010 at Sunyani but his legitimacy was question due to GUPS constitutional requirements, he then took the issue to court and place an injunction on GUPS in order for them not to elect new president.
The general secretary Emefa Agonyo who was acting as the president organized GUPS congress and subsequently, they elected Mr. Jonas as the new GUPS president . After some few weeks of court battle between tafim and GUPS , Tafim finally won the case and the court instructed his reinstatement as the GUPS president.
Nine of the executives are now divided over who they should support, currently four of the executives are with Tafim and the rest of the five are with Jonas. Both the two president organized congress on the same day( 28 July 2011) to elect new executives for 2011-2012 year.
The BIG question that remains on the lips of all the professional students is what their fate is, since their union is now under threat and what is the way forward.

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