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Monday, August 8, 2011


The Keta Sandlanders is a Division 2 football club side from Ghana located in the Keta Municipality with unique ambitions to develop their club and the community. The club was founded by Frank Cole in 2002. According to one of the managers of the club Desmond Apeku, the club was named after the town’s name “Keta” which literally means the top of the sand. he said the name “ sandlanders” was accepted because they realized that most African soccer was being played in the sand in the ancient days.

Mr. Desmond said the club is currently in division 2 in a middle league but lamented about the current situation where only the winner of the division 2 league can qualify to the division one league, he again explain that currently there are 88 divisions two teams divided into six mini leagues and the winner of the mini leagues have to meet with the rest of the winners in the mini league to qualify to division one. He there for appealed to the appropriate authorities to increase the number of teams that can qualify to the division one side.
“In the early days the sandlanders played matches with notable teams in Ghana to start their season, among this teams are Former African Champions Accra Hearts of Oak and their former opponent Kpando Heart of Lions

The club has embarked on a number of community projects and one of such project is the OMU that the club sighed with the National youth Council at Keta. This OMU includes providing work experience for Youth Council members and developing agricultural projects in the Keta community”, he said.

“Football in Keta goes back to the 1950′s when the Keta Highlanders played at the town’s London Park ground. Since this heyday, however, the game has been in decline in the area with London Park a victim of the coastal erosion which has devastated much of Keta town “ said clubs website

Sandlanders have developed a marketing strategy unique to a club from the developing world. an opportunity to market themselves on the same footing as wealthier sides, as long as the standard of football is good clubs will be able to create a profile for themselves and appeal to an audience which was previously out of reach.

Keta is a coastal town in Ghana, West Africa. Part of the Volta estuary region which stretches from the coast deep into country’s interior along the path of the Volta River, the town comprises several small islands and a complex of lagoons. The majority of Keta’s residents are Ewe, a tribe which dominates much of the Volta region and the neighbouring Republic of Togo.

Though a poor community which has suffered greatly from the impact of coastal erosion (during the 20th century more than half of what had been the area of the town – once a successful port – was washed away), the town and its surrounding area retain a charm and a strong sense of identity. The Keta Sea Defense Project was commissioned in 1999 (and completed in 2006) in an effort to stop the encroachment of the sea into the town and it is hoped that this will be a catalyst for the area to regenerate.

According to the clubs website, they hope that the growth of the Sandlanders will provide a further impetus for development, we intend to promote and develop the town alongside the club. 10% of all funds raised by the club will go straight to projects operating in the area – focusing primarily on education and health care – and through the team we aim to put some life back into this once thriving community.

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