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Monday, August 22, 2011


My heart bleeds and has little words to say. But the blood and toil of our fore fathers cannot go in vain. Today, thousands of people are dying in the horn of Africa due to famine and in plain words food and water. Won't this situation been saved if we were one people, one continent? We have the largest forest reserves and plantation and food in the world, yet thousands of people die. Thousands who are equally innocent people are dying because of freedom and democracy. How important is democracy without people and a country? Couldn't African managed its own affairs and settled this situation should we have been on people and one continent?

I live you with a thousand questions because out of fear we have sat down and witness the greatest atrocities caused African people ever in the world and out of fear again our leaders are afraid to talk and so are we. We suffer from poverty, but all the things that make the west richer is from our continent. Why, because for far too long, we have been individual countries seeking for food, water and shelter for the night.

The time has come to say enough is enough, and to move the African people and continent to the next level. The youth, this is our time to prove to the world that yes indeed we are the leader of today. Rise up Africa, rise up and walk the talk. We need to build our next leaders; we need to build our media. I propose the African News Network and I entreat all of you to join. This is not going to be gagged media, but your thoughts and views, the truth unspoken, more so, to change the minds of our people towards the unity of Africa.
Rise up and walk the talk. If you are a web designer we will need one that will facilitate and design the web for the contribution of every member, if you are a journalist, broadcaster we need you to report and whatever field you find yourself, you have a part to play. Let us build the Africa we have all dreamt about. Africa has hope because Africa has you!

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