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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am one of the few ones who condemned the recent “brouhaha” about the arrest of those who are engaged in the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism in my previews post. Apparently some people see me and call me names as if am part but am not disturbed by such rumor mongers.
In my condemnation I call for systematic approach of how to deal with this act of homosexuality, lesbianism and how we can join hands to fight it than calling for their arrest and making the act a criminal law in Ghana as if it is the only abominable act.

For now am so delighted, excited and joyous because the very people who condemn such act and made it look like the only sine that is barbaric and made themselves judges ( for God says do not touch my anointed does not mean they should not criticized them if they do the wrong things) have eaten their own words back. For these reasons join me and lets raise our THUMPS UP TO THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF GHANA and REVEREND EMANUEL MARTEY.

Recently, Reverend Martey was among those who strongly condemned the gay act calling it as filthy, unbiblical, and un-African. however I was shocked when he said all these things and ones again I asked myself which sine is biblical, which one is not filthy and which one is African sine

In today’s (9th Aug, 2011) publication on I read that The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is planning to establish centres throughout the country to provide counseling and therapy for its homosexual members The Moderator of the Church, Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, disclosed.

Let me confess that I was more than happy when I read these few lines in the publications and I must say the Right Reverend and a Professor must be congratulated for taking such a bold step. He again use the word(excommunicate) that was a bite beyond me and for that reason I cross checked and the meaning was splendid. The Reverend said “the church will not excommunicate anybody because they are homosexuals”. This simply means the church will not oust or exclude members or a group or membership by decree and am glad this church has taken this step as part of their work. I would like to encourage all the religious bodies to follow the footsteps of THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH and let all help fight the gay act in a good manner

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