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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


On the 14th of this February Ghana and the rest of the world will be in the news again not for disaster or any other bad news but for the following news. Shortage of condoms, how many babies were born on that day? and parent naming them valentino and valentine, chocolates becoming the most expensive and adorable items of the day, couples and those who are into relationship use sex as the tool to showcase love on that faithful day, and above all the HIV prelavance rate will shoot up after that day.

In Ghana and the rest of the world, we all now believe that valentine’s day is a day for romance but my history tells me that valentine’s day is a religious day set aside by the Romans to commemorate a roman martyrs who was named Valentine but the commemoration was later canceled from the Romans calendar by Pop Pau vi in 1969.
Saint Valentine was a bishop in Rome who defied the then emperor’s order of not conducting marriages again but instead Valentine conducted the marriages for the soldiers in secrets but later he was caught and was put into jail. While in jail it was believed that he was having the characteristics of a saint who heal people and was showing love to others who visit him. Gift and flowers were most of the items presented to him when they visit him until he WAS KILLED ON THE 14 OF FEBRUARY.

But in our modern world of today Saint Valentine’s day have changed completely. Men and women see the day as if is for them and, instead of us showing love to the less unprivileged ones like the children homes, the orphanages and the aged who do not know what is love, rather we choose to do negative things on Saint Valentine’s day.
Fortunately in Ghana chocolate has taken over the tradition of presenting flowers as a gift to love ones as it was being practice by the Romans in the olden days. But now is not only chocolate because pharmacy’s will be complaining about the shortage of condoms and it will be the day where the producers will like to increase the production rate just to reach the number of the customers.

Let us not see 14th February as the day for sex alone but rather lets spend time with those who do not know love and care and lets us spend the day in a religious way and make it a morally day.

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