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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TB Joshua predict massive death for social network users?

 Unconfirmed rumor is being circulated on social networks indicating the controversial Nigerian pastor, T B Joshua has predicted massive death of social networks users like facebook, 2go, twitter and etc tomorrow  Wednesday 18th of July in Ghana
I have gathered that most users of the social networks are panicking whiles some have resulted in attacking the prophet on facebook questioning his predictions. Interestingly the Prophet himself is having a fun page on facebook.
 According to COSMS BUZZ blog site, it stated that the rumor started yesterday predicting the death of only 2go users in Nigeria today but as of filling the story today no death was recorded  
in recent time Pastor T B Joshua has dominated the media for his controversial prophesies, for now Ghanaians will just be vigil to see what happens on the 18th of July.  


Anonymous said...

When death is knocking on someones door then that's that no running away , social apps can't kill they realy can't but what we all know is well there bad things about this social apps but killing people ? That's some other stuff one needs a lot of teaching and explanation to !

Jaik said... blasphemy against tb joshua...even though am not a member of his congregation,these despicable rumours should not be addressed to someone of his status...i'm sure he said no such utterances,you guys just want to fill your pages...nonentities...

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel! Our attention has been drawn to a rumour currently circulating around the internet concerning a prophecy supposedly given by Prophet T.B. Joshua about a calamity that would befall users of social networks on Wednesday 18th July 2012.

We wish to categorically state that there is NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER in this rumour and Prophet T.B. Joshua NEVER gave such a prophecy.

The prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua are broadcast live on Emmanuel TV and subsequently posted on our official website.

We should be very careful not to misquote a servant of God. The person spreading this rumour is an impostor. Remember, the Bible says in John 8:44 that satan is ‘the father of lies’.