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Monday, August 6, 2012


 I was not shocked about his death story because I thought it was one of those creepy rumors until GTV the so called station of the nation decided to broadcast the devastating news at their own time. It was then that my 60 degrees mouth dropped open with disbelief, it was then that I told myself ‘Ghanaians you have gotten what you want”
One must be wondering why a strong man who return from a medical check up from the United State of America and jogged at the airport for us to see how strong he was and also celebrated his birthday three days ago before meeting his untimely death, or should I say timely death since one of our politician once said “all die be die” passed on like that. His death rumor has been in the public for far too long and may be the good Lord has decided to take his own creation back.

. My grandmother will always tell you that one does not speak ill about the dead and that you must be cordial in language in order to let the dead rest in peace. Just like other media houses who always want to point fingers at people and ask vague questions, I  will not take that path but you try that path on your own if you finish reading this.

It popped up in 2008 which I stand to be corrected, rumors making rounds about his death and his subsequent trip to south Africa for medical attention, he himself called one of the media house in Accra to debunk the rumor about his death. It was belief that the rumor was sparked by a member of his own party NDC, it was there the opposition NPP fed on it and it became a political “bruhaha”

One would have expected his communication team to set the record straight by put his health record on air  to clear the issue of his health to avoid  the creepy rumor of his death  saga, I stand to be corrected if there was any .This is because as a president his health is our number one concern. one can only be healthy before undertaking any official duty. Because we Ghanaians don’t know the actual cause of his death, people are just cooking and speculating  their own stories..some might be true or not. for example ex president Rawlings said he died out of cancer which affected his eyes and that he could not  sustain it for 3hrs a day

One of his aids stated publicly about how he mounted road blocks to force the president to come out to greet a crowd that was waiting for him even though the president was tired after returning from an official road trip. Even though it was late in the evening. It then occured to me that they mishandled the president and did not put his health first.

to be continued………..  

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